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Sluggish Performance. Think I May Be Infected

Smartphone USB Infection

So Many Problems Caused By Virus - Can Someone Please Help Me.

Some Kind Of Virus I Think.

Something Isn't Quite Right. Virus/trojan Activity?

Something Is Wrong With Internet Explorer - Possible Damage Due To Forme Virus?

Spybot Warning:application Has Been Changed

Spreading A Virus Via Flash Drives?

Spyware Infected Help . Please

Spyware And Possible Virus Infection

Spyware Infection Warning Dangerous Spyware

Still Infected With Spyware

Still Infected? Or Hardware Damage?

Steps Involved In Repaving? Can Malware Survive It?

Still Infected After Virus Attack?

Streange Blocked Behaviour On My Computer. Is This A Virus?

Strange Behavior And Bluescreens. Am I Infected?

Suspect A Virus

Suspect Infection. BSODs Without Changes

Sure I Have A Virus

Suspect Malware And Infostealing - Please Guide

Suspected Of Malware

Suspected Rootkit Malware; Lost Fresh Restore Point; AVG Returned When Deleted.

Suspect Malware On My Mother's Computer

Suspected Trojanhorse/Computer Is Also Running Slow

Suspected Virus Malware

Suspicious Infections

Suspicious Infections

Suspected Virus/malware

Suspected Trojan Or Malware

Suspected Trojan Or Malware Need HELP

Suspected Trojan/Malware

Suspect Infection Of Unknown Malware

Suspected Trojan And Malware

Suspected Virus Disabled Pretty Much Everything

System Compromised? Possible Infection - Background Processes

System Infection Or OS Problems?

System Infected With Spyware2009

System Security Infection

System Security Infection:

System Security Virus (I Think)

TDSS.e Virus And Can't Boot Anymore

TDSSKiller Won't Execute During SMART HDD Removal - User Case#2

They Please Help In This Report Of The Program Combo Me Fix

Think I Might Have A Virus

Think Laptop May Be Infected

Think I Have A Virus

Think I Have A Virus What Do I Do

Think I Have A Virus

Think I May Have A Virus

There Might Be A Virus Or Two In My Computer

Think I Have A Virus?

Think I Have A Bad Virus Need Expertise Please

Think I Have A Virus Please Help

Think I Have A Virus Still

Think I Got A Virus Fromn A Dodgy File I Downloaded

Think I May Have Some Bad Virus.

Think I May Still Have A Virus

This File Contained A Virus And Was Deleted.

This File Contained A Virus And Was Deleted

This May Be A Virus

This Is Not A Joke Virus Removal

This Program Contains A Virus And Will Be Shut Down

This Program Contained A Virus And Was Deleted

Three Strange Events - Careful But Maybe Infected

Think I Have A Virus

Too Many Viruses Deleted And Returned Usally In A Day

Think I Got A Virus

Trojan Is Downloaded Every Time Internet Explorer Is Used

Trouble After A Virus Was Downloaded

Trojans Times 4 Small Porn Photos On Desktop

Trying To Finish Malware Removal For A Friend

Trying To Make Sure I Don't Really Have A Virus.

Uh-oh Viruses

Un-able To Download Anything Virus?

Unable To Download Files File Contained A Virus And Was Deleted

Unable To Download. Contained A Virus And Was Deleted.

Unable To Kill Virus

Unable To Download Says Virus Detected Deleted

Unidentified Malware - Found Several Viruses

Unknown Malware Causing Problems.

Unknown Malware Or Trojan - Initial Steps Completed Per Initial Posting Instruction

Unknown Virus/malware Infection

Unsure Of What Happened To My PC

Unsure Virus But Many Problems And Fixes

Urgent Help Needed For Work Computer Infected.First Log.

Virus But Not Sure What It Is

Virus Affecting Network Connection Or Wifi?

Virus And Malware.not Sure What Else To Do.

Virus Found On My Pc. Is It Safe Now?

Virus Found/deleted

Virus On My System [Moved]

Virus Of Some Sort? Causing Some Problems.

Virus Being Shared Over Wireless Internet Connection?

Virus Inside

Virus Deleted

Virus Help HAVE SRE LOG - No Anitvirus/Spyware Wil Run

Virus In My Pc Dont Know What To Do

Virus Or Malware? No Idea

Virus Or Spyware Causing Problems

Virus Issue

Virus Issue - Not Sure

Virus Issue

Virus Issue

Virus Issue?

Virus Or Not

Virus Or Bot?

Virus Or Not ?

Virus Or Bug Deletes Everything I Try To Open Or Download Says It Has A Virus

Virus Maleware Or Both Causing Problems

Virus Protection(s) Show No Infection

Virus Not Sure Which Type

Virus Removed (I Hope)

Virus Or Not Virus

Virus On Http:// But Not On Http://www. - Any Advice

Virus Via Wifi

Virus Or Fried Computer?

Virus Problems - Please Help

Virus. About Ready To Give Up *sigh*

Virus Makes You Format Your Hard Drive And Infects Other Machines Over Local Net

Virus/malware Not Showing Up On Scans

Virus Shutting Down Computer When Running Avira And Will Not Let Me Boot In Safemode

Virus/spyware Causing Big Problem

Virus? Or System Problem?

Virus/trojan Seems Pretty Bad. Please Help

Webroot Software Found A Virus

Weird Networking Problem. Suspecting A Virus

What Happens When You Let People Use Your Pc? Viruses & More That Won't Go Away Help

What Else? Maybe A Virus

Weird Security Question: Is It Possible To Infect An Online Account?

What Happens If I Restore And Have A Virus ?

What Virus Is Affecting My Com And My Antivirus Wont Tell Me

When I Plug Wire In Lan Card Vorus E Attack My Pc

What Virus Am I Infected With? HELP

Which Virus Or Problem Do I Have?

Will I Eventually Really Get Help In Virus

Will WIFI Modem Hold/distribute A Virus?

Csrss.exe Not Found / Constant Traffic

Possible Trojans/malware. Ahhh Helppp :)

Internet Stops Suddenly (Infected)

Please Help - Seem To Have Some Spyware

Not Sure If These Are A Virus

Did I Get A Virus?

Did I Get A Virus?

Possible Virus/Spyware Infection

MSN Virus - Virus Scanner Doesn't Find Anything

A Virus

I've Got Viruses And Malware

Deleted Virus

MAJOR Spyware Infection Here's My Log

I Think I May Have A Virus.

Spyware Infection BAD

System Infected With Deadly Spyware - Please Help.

Another Problem (maybe A Virus)

I Tihnk I Have A Virus

My Computer Is Effected By A Virus Please Help.

Had A Virus

I Have Got A Lot Of Viruses And Spyware In My Quarantine Area On My Anti Virus.

HELP PLEASE! I Think I Got A Virus

Very Weird Working Virus! Please Help!

Computer Issues Possibly From A Virus

Think May Have Virus.

I've Been Infected By Some Form Of Malware.

Please Help I Dont Know What To Do I Might Have A Virus

Possible Viruses

Programs Closing Down And Other Issues. Possible Virus Problem?

I Think I May Have A Virus Or Something.

Is My Laptop Still Infected? Can Someone Look At My Log? :)

Virus Or Something Is In My Computer

I Want To Intentionally Infect One Of My Computers

Virus Infecting My Network

Computer Virus Scan Says I Have A Virus

Do I Still Have A Virus

Possible Virus I Can't See.

Computer Got Virus/Not Sure What To Use Now

Undetectable Virus Affecting Internet

A Virus That Norton Cannot Get Rid Of

I Think I Have A Virus

It Seems To Be A Virus

Concerned I May Have A Virus.

Norton Says I Have A Virus ?

Trying To Slay The Virus

I Think I May Be Infected

Virus Problum

Laptop Seems Infected - Please Help

Picked Up A Virus Now Comp Is Dead

Infected With A Virus.

I Think I Have A Virus ?

Claria Spyware Infection Maybe? Not Sure But Suspicious!

I Think I May Have Infection Malware/virus As I Get A Msg 'the Webpage You A

Malware Suspected.Infected By Flash Drive

My Computer Is Acting Wierd? Is It A Virus?

Cannot Find A Virus On Comp?

Suspected Trojan Can't Run First Step Tools

Trojan? Can't Run First Steps

Slow & Eratic System - Infected?

Serious Virus Problem

I Am Infected Real Bad

Can A Virus Effect The Computer If The File Is Never Used?

Virsus Issues Please Help

I Think I Have Picked Up A Virus

System Running Poorly - Virus Previously Detected.

Think I May Have A Virus Or Spyware - Please Help

Virus That Tries To Infect Me With Other Malware

Trojan/Hijacker Changing Theme On Vista

Both My Computers Are Infected!

I Can Not Download Anything And All My Programs Deleted.

I Have A Virus That Wont Die

?This Program Or This File Contained A Virus And Was Deleted?

Help! I Think I Might Have A Virus Or Something.

I Accidently Installed A Virus

Computer Badly Infected With Viruses - PLEASE HELP!

I Think I Have A Virus

Possible Infection Affecting Internet

Antivirus System Scan Keeps On Telling Me I'm Infected!

May Have Virus

Can Win DVD Be A Virus?

Spyware Maybe Virus Infection

A Virus? Vundo + Others?

Suspect Virus Inffection ASC Log

Is This A Virus Or Not

Virus Or Just My Computer Not Working

All Downloads Contain A Virus

Suspicious Anti Virus Alerts. Could I Be Infected By Something Dangerous?

Im Not Sure If This Is A Virus

I Think I Have A Virus

A Virus?- Hidden Files Can Not Be Seen-Hijackthis Log

Downloads From IE Say That They Have A Virus


Think I May Have A Virus Or Trojan

No Virus But Serious Os Problems

Had A Virus

PC Antispyware Really Affecting System. Help!

Slow System Infected With A Pop Up

Just Had A Virus!

Huge Problem.maybe Virus? Need Help

Severe Virus Infected Multiple Files

I Think I Have A Virus

Does My Comp Have A Virus? Please Check My Log

Virus Issue

Not Sure If I Have A Virus.

I Believe I Have About 5 Viruses. Please Help

I Think I Caught A Virus

Same Virus Attack From Internet

My Computer Must Have A Virus.it's Really Strange!

9 Infected Installers Come From Nowhere

VIRUS ALERT! Everywhere And System Not Working Properly

Virus Or Hardware?

Download Contains A Virus And Is Deleted

Please Help Me! Spyware Infected!

May Have A Virus

Got A Virus

Problems With Spybot-think I Have Multiple Viruses?

Need Help For Admin PW After Virus Infection

Not Sure If It's A Virus Or Malware! (Or Neither)

Please Help! Very Strange And Annoying Virus!

System Infected By 08dgu.com [Moved From Server]

Suspected Spyware And Viruses//Blue Screen

I Have A Virus

Possible Virus - Unable To Detect Or Find . . .

I'm Pretty Sure I Have A Virus (Help!)

I Don't Know Is This A Virus Or No

Help. I Think I Have Virus.

System Security Virus Help Needed Badly!

Suspicious Spyware/virus - First Steps Done

Re: Virus In My System!

Have I Got A Virus?

Possible Virus Threat? Im Not Sure


Please Help With Malware Situation

My Computer Has A Virus And I Have Tried Everything.

Had A Virus

Help To Recover From Some Virus

I Think I Have A Virus

I Think I Have Virus Please Help

Suspected Trojan Infecting Computer/Advertising

HJT Check + I Think I Have A Virus But Im Not Sure

I've Got A Virus

Instructed Malware Just In Case.

Werid Crashes Maybe Virus Related

Suspected Trojan Or Malware

I Have Got A Virus

It Is Not A Virus

I Suspect A Virus :(

I Think I Have A Virus Still.

My Computer Has Been Hit By Virus

I Might Be Infected With A Virus

I Have A Virus!

I Think I Might Be Infected With Spyware

I Know I Downloaded A VIRUS But McAfee Can't Find It. Links

Help Please? Can You Tell Me If I Have A Virus

Got Owned By A Virus

Could Be A Virus?

I Was Sent A Virus And Found It But It Won't Go Away.

Virus Problem!

How Do I Get Firefox To Stop Virus Scanning My Downloads?

Believe Files Been Infected- Numerous Errors

Do I Have A Virus That Wasn't Picked Up?

I Think I Have A Virus

Problems - Looks Like Virus - Please Help

I Think I Have Some Viruses!

The Malware Virus Doent Allow Me To Follow First Steps

Initial Instructions Followed For Malware

I Think A Virus Is Shutting Down My Wireless

Work PC Has A Virus

Infection Suspected - Pls Assist!

Can Someone Tell Me If This Is A Virus?

I Beleive I Have A Virus Or Something.

Hijack Log As Well As All Steps I've Taken For My Problem

Weird File- Possible Virus?

System Behaving Unexpectedely. Possible Cause Of Maleware Or Virus. Plz Help

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