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Smart HDD Aftermath Problem

Smart HDD Fake Virus


SMART HDD Virus Removal

Smarthdd Virus +

Slowness When Accessing D:\

Smart HDD Or Something Like It


Smart HDD - Removal Guide Unsuccessful

Smart HDD - Residual Issues/More Trojans?

Smart HDD Aftermath

Smart HDD On Computer

Smart HDD Virus

Smart Hdd

So I Wiped My Hdd.

Smart HDD - Is It Gone?

Smoked Drive



Slow Running PC With Modem Running NonStop

Software HDD Turn Off?

Software Tech Ghosts 3 Yr Old Notebook To New One

Something Is Writing To My DISK???

Something Is Eating Up My Hard Drive

Something Is Eating My Hard Drive Space

Something Not Allowing Me To Defrag My Hard Drives?

Something Is Thrashing My Hard Drive

Something Is Accessing My Hdd Constantly

Something Is Eating My Disk Space

Something Eating Up The Available Hard Drive Space.

Space And Drives Missing

Space Mysteriously Missing From HDD After Reboot During Backup Transfer

Stessing My Pc's Hard Drive?

Still Infected With Smart HDD (or Other) ?

Storage Disk Freezes Boot

Storing Emails On External Hard Drive

Strange HDD Activity

Sudden Lost Of Disk Space

Suddenly Secondary HDD Nowhere To Be Found

Sudden Sluggish Performance & Increased Hard Drive Activity

Suddenly Constant Sound Writing To Hard Drive

Swapping HD's And Migrating To Win7

Swtiching Hard Drive's

Swapping Xp Pro Between Pcs.

Switching Hard Drives

Swapped Hd In My Computers - Buy Windows Again?

System Boots From IDE Instead Of SATA

System Idle Makes Activity Light Come On

System Stop Responding No Hard Drive Activity

System Unrepairable.how Recover Files

System Restore Eating Hard Drive Space WAY Too Fast

System Tool/ HDD Tools/Registry Scan/Pop-Ups/Browser Redirecting

Taking An OS Off A HHD.

System Restore Ate Up Disk Space

Templog File Suddenly Fills Hard Drive

Time For A New Harddrive?

Todo Backup Cloning Problem

Three Hard Drive Failures? Riddle Me This.

To Much Idle Disk Activity.

To Partition Or Not.?

Tmp0000* Files Filling Drivespace

Too Full Hard Drive

Transfer Hard Drive.

Transfer All Data From One Hard Drive To New One

Transfering Windows Data To New Drive

Transferring A Hard Drive Completely

Transferring A Hard Drive From One Computer To Another

Transferring Hard Drive Into Lap Top

Trojan Persists After Replacing Hard Drive

Trojan.DownLoad.41985 - Constant HDD Activity - Log Attached

Trouble Installing OS To New Hard Drive

Trouble Formatting My Computer

Trouble With Installing Windows 7 On A Hard Drive

Trouble Using Ext. Hard Drive

Trouble With XP Looking To Format My Hard Drive

Trying To Recover Files From Maybe Dead Laptop Hard Drive

Trying To Reformat - Possible HD Problems

Trying To Wipe Hard Drive

Two Drives Better Than 1?

UGH Cant Seem To Rid SMART HDD Virus Icon Please Help

Two HDD's Two O/S's

Two Os Eide And Sata Xp

Two Ide Drives

Two OS On Seperate HD's Update/boot?

Unable To Access Two Hard Drives

Two Separate Hard Drives?

Unable To Boot When Second HDD Plugged In

Unable To Access Info On 2nd HD- Desperate For Help

Unable To See Hard Drive In Windows Vista Install

Unbootable Hard Drive

Unaccessible Hard Drive

Unallocated Space On 160 Western Digital Drive

Unbootable Computer

Unhid Most Files But Still Missing Some

Unbootable System


Unbootable Computer

Unformat Pc

Unpartition Harddrive

Un-partition The Hard Drive In Windows XP

Unnecessary Harddisk Activity- Low Fps

Unrecognized IOmega Harddrive

Unpartition Drive

Unlocking Files From A Dead HD

Upgrading HDD And Windows

Usb Hd Files Not Visible And Documents File Copied In

Usb Interface And Sata Drive Diagnostics

Using 90% Of 40 Gb Harddrive And Not Sure How

Vanishing E Drive After Restore

Very High Hard Drive Access. Very Sluggish Response

VERY Slow Startup And Hard Drive Constantly Reading

Very Bizarre Situation With My Windows (C:) Harddrive - Please Help

Viewing Files On A External XP Hardrive

Very Slow Computer And Full Disc

Virus Alert + Hard Drives Not Been Shown Problem.

Virtumonde On Laptop And External Hard Drive

Virtual PC: Second Hard Disk Isn't Seen

Virus Ate Up Remainder Of HDD Space And Deleted Restore Points.

Virus Or Harddrive

Virus Possibly Infecting Computer

Virus Or Hard Drive Dieing?

Virus Wiped My Drive?

Virus? Wiped Out My Hard Drive?

Vista Hard Drive Wont Open Xp Files

Vista Looking For Mass Storage Drivers?

Vista Slave Drive Access Denied

Volume Fragmentation Not Enough Space

Was Infected With Smart HDD. Now I Cannot Save Files

W7 Can't Format My Vista Partition?

Wd Doesn't Work

Wd Hard Disk Problem

Weird Error And Then Wiped Hard Drive

Western Digital EHD Freezes Computer

What Hard Drive Partitions Can I Delete

What Programs To Keep And How To Partition Hd?

What To Do Before Cloning Hard Drive

What's Eating Windows Vista?

What's The Best Way To Transfer To New Hard Drive?

When I Attach An External Hard Drive To Windows 8

When I Clone To A Larger Disk Drive How Can I Make Partition Larger?

Where Did My Free Space Go?

Where Did My Hard Drive Go?

Where Is My Hard Drive Space?

Where My HDD Free Space Gone

What's On My Hard Drive

Wheres My Other HardDrive?

Why Is Hard Drive Busy When PC Is Apparently Idle

Why Can't Diskcopy Be Used For Cloning Non-floppy Devices?

Wierd Popups And Losing Space On C-drive.

Why Is My Hard Drive Being Accessed For Minutes At A Time.?

Why Is My HDD Being Accessed So Much?

Will This XP Disc Work With A New Hard Drive?

Will Temp Install Of New Hdd/OS Change Config/shadow Copies Of Old Hdd/OS?

WIN 7 64 No Hard Drive Found In Bios

Win 7 Machine Disk Working Hard

Win 7 Does Not See Drive

Win Xp Format Drive?

Boot Up A Blank Hard Drive - I Need Help Please

Windows Setup Not Finding Hard-drive.

Installer Not Recognizing Version Of Windows

External Enclosure Problem

Hard Drive Dead?

Hard Drive Secruity Error Thing.

Access Denied When Trying To Get Files Off Drive From Dead Laptop?

C Drive.d Drive.spare Drive

2nd HDD

Xp Wont Install On Blank Harddisk?

HELP! Messed Up Hard Drive?

LW-U35S 3.5" Sata HDD Can't Load On W7

Internal Sata Hard Drive Won't Show Up Under My Computer

Formatting Hard Drives In Vista

Insistant Disk Error Checking.

Hard Drive Query

My Hard Drive Isn't In Disk Manager!

Cloning A Hard Drive.

Master And Slave Drives. Help?

My Compter Says Its Capacity Is Only 10 Gigs?

Hard Drive Wierd Problems

Replace Hard Drive.

Can System Recovery Disks Load A New HDD?

Added Aditional Hard Drive

Help Please (reformat Hard Drive)

Constantly Pulsating Hard Drive

Trouble Defragging Hard Drive

Installing OS On New HD.will The Old One Still Work?

Accessing Files With No Hd

Can't Delete Files/folders From Hard Drive

Second Hard Drive Is Invisible To Windows

Fresh Install Wont Recognise Hard Drive

Encrypt Hardrive

Accessing Files From An Old Drive

Reformat Drive - WinXP Home

2nd HD On Vista Ultimate

How To Install Win XP Home On External USB Hard Drive And Boot It

Reinstalled Vista Can't See Second HDD

Harddrive Document Manager?

XP Doesn't Recognize HD & Bootup OS Menu

Possible Hard Drive Problem?

Have Virut: Want Help Backing Up

Vista To 7 Hard Disk Driver Laptop Issue

USB Hard Drive

Hard Drive Still Full After Complete System Restore

Ghosting A Drive (or Two)

Hardrive Issues!

Computer Hanging After A Dodgy Format.

Cloning Windows7 To A New Laptop

Slow XP Boot Up After Installing Second Hard Drive

Hard Drive Isn't Found

250GB Hard Drive

[B][U]Partition External Hard Drive On Vista[/U][/B]

I Think I Accidentally Flashed My Hard Drive

Program To Backup/sync One External Drive To Another?

Hard Drive Capacity False

Hard Drive Help

Missing Slave Drive

I Give Up. How Do I Reformat My Hard Drive?

Format My Drive

Formatting A 1TB Internal HD Questions

Xp Won't Format Drives Properly

Hard Drive Files 'unviewable' (please Bear With Me)

How To Make Drive Which Doesn't Have The MBR Bootable?

XP Re-Format Problem

Acomdata External Hard Drive

Formatting Hardrive For Windows XP Installation

Hard Drive Disappeared

Hard Drive Keep Running . No Jobs Running

Hard Drive Constantly Chattering HJT Log

Hard Drive Scrubbing

New Computer New Hard Drive BSOD! Help!

Files (only "important" Ones) Disappear From Hard Drive!

Help! Hdd Data Has "disappeared"

Adding An Additional Hard Drive

Mega Virus - Format Hard Drive

Just Want To Reformat

Completely Clear Hard Drive Without Xp Disk?

Two Hard Drives

How Do I Re-enable My C Drive?

It Says " No Hard Disk "

Hard Drive Crash!

Hard Drive Says It's FULL. It Clearly Is NOT!

Clone OS Drive Help!

Installing Windows 7 Recovery DVDs To A Laptop With A New Hard Drive

Trouble Refromatting Hard Drive

Problem Copying From Old Hard Drive

Infection From Portable Drive?

Cloning 250GB HD (56GB Used) To 200GB HD

100gb Of Partitioned Drive Lost !

Different Sata Drives In Asus P4p800

Access Denied On Hard Drive

Hard Drive Keeps Runing In Vista

2 SATA Internal HD In XP

Using Two Hard Drives Internally.

External HDD Stops Working

Reason For 2 Partitions/ Better Than One?

I Messed Up Bad.Windows And My Computer Went Kaput

Hard Drive Swap Help

Using Old SATA HDD In External Enclosure

Accidentally Formatted HDD

Help W/ Hard Drive Replacement Needed

I Need Desperate Help With My Hdd!

My DELL Latitude D520 Is Having Nagging Faults

Windows Not Storing Information Correctly!

Hard Drive Keeps Accessing Something.

Harddisk Drive Missing

I Have Questions: Installed New Laptop Hard Drive

Free S.M.A.R.T Monitor

How Do I Access My Hard Drives ?

Any > 2 Terabytes Hard Drive Which Works With Win. Xp

Windows Shows That No Folders Or Files Are On The Hard Drive

Loss Of Hard Drive Space

Windows Xp Sata Drive Added But Not Seen

Disappearing Drives

Help Cleaning My Hard Drive

Can't Install Win Xp On HDD

New Hard Drive

Mac Formatted Firewire Drive -- Where Is It?

Replacing Internal Hard Drive

Drives Do Not Appear In Disk Management

[Boot From ISO CD Image Files In A HDD Partition]

Problem Adding 2nd Hard Drive

Harddrive Or Hardware Wireless Not Working.

Hdd Shows Up In Disk Mgmt

Ghosting My Hardrive

Need To Get Documents Off Old HDD HELP!

A Few Questions On Re-formating Hard Drive.

Erase Xp Installed Hard Drive

USB Hard Drive Visible But Not Accessabe Over Network

Harddisks (multiple) Disappear

Format HD Change PCID

Slave Drive Prevents Boot

HD Won't Format

Hard Drive Install Issues

Old System Drive Still In Use

Need To Retrieve Data From C: Drive

Wiping My HD

Need To Reinstall My Version Of Windows 7 On A New Hard Drive

Cant Install Windows Xp On Hard Drive

Two Nearly Identical Computers

Help - Wiped Hard Drive

Did My Hard Drive Die?

Installing Win XP On New Hard Drive In A Dell

My External Wrecked My Computer.

XP Reinstall Can't Find Hard Drive?

Installing Windows From Usb Hard Drive

Portable Hardrive Reading Wrong Size

Harddrive Led Keeps Flashing Constantly

Losing Free Hard Drive Space

Wiped Hard Drive

Cant Partition Hard Drive

Hard Drive Usage Goes From 37g To 71g With No Added Programs Installed

Disc Space Vanashing?

Installing Windows On A HD That Is Already Being Used.

IBM Thinkcenter - No HDD

Make Secondary Harddrive Bootable

HDD Probs.

3 Hard Drives

Burning An Iso To An External Drive

Cannot Access Files From My Old Hard Drive

My Windows Hard Drive Second Partition Isn't Reading Correctly And Can't Boot.

Hard Drive. Empty?

Help Needed To Erase Hard Drive And Everything On It Including Current Windows Xp

Can't Even Format The Hard Drive.

Second Hard Drive

Storage Harddrive Causing Computer Lag/stuttering

Dead Laptop. Need To Transfer Files

Computer Constantly Busy

Problem With A Slave Drive

Installation Software From External Hard Drive Or Internal Hard Drive

Hard Drive Constantly Running

Imaging A Hard Disk

I Cannot Acess Slave Drive After Installing XP

Uninstalling WindowsXP And Reformating My Hard Drive

Hard Drive For Xp

Acer Hard Drive Problem

Internal HD Disappeared

Both Hard Drives Wont Boot

Space On HDD Disappear


Backing Up The Hard Drive And Reinstalling Windows XP

Installed WinXP Pro And 250 GB Is Only Detected As 150GB

Slave Drive Loses Its Letter

Very Minimal Disk Space!

Swap File : On Which Drive ? 7200rpm Or 10000rpm

Hard Drive Dying?

Not Recognize Second Hard Drive

Imaging/backing Up

Second Internal HDD Not Visible Or Accessable

Complete (100%) Hard Drive Backup.

Vista Clean Install: Doesn't See HDD

Local Disc And Secondary Disc Drives Disappeared

Has An External Hdd Been Connected To My PC?

Secondary Drive Details Arrange As Music?

320 Gig Western Digital Hard Drive Only Shows 127 Gigs

Fitted New Hard Drive. Then BSOD.

XP SP2 - Occasionally System Doesn't Initialize Sata Drives

Replace Damaged HD

Hard Drive Inspector Professional Error

Wrong Amount Of Space On Drive C

2 Partitions

Virus/back Up Question

Disc C Suddenly Goes Down From 12GB To 500mb

Cannot Read Slave Drive To Salvage Data

Need Help In Putting OS On One Drive & Programs On Another

Hardrive And Flashdrive

Lost Files But Disk Space Still Used

Hard Drive Only Showing 140 Of 320gb.

Ghost Hard Drive Space? Help Please!

I've Lost My Hard Drives

Hard Drive Crash

Help Reformatting Doesnt Work!

Xp Setup List Wrong Size Hard Drives

Still Redirects After Re Install And Lost Hard Drive Space

Cant Find Hd

Running An IDE Drive As Slave To A SATA?

Hard Drive Opens

Disk Space? Migrating To A Larger Drive

Hard Drive Transfer Aftermath

General Backup / Imaging Questions

Installed New HDD > OS Won't Boot Up - Please Help

Multi Booting With 2 HDD Enquiries!

Laptop HDD

Recognising HDD Size In XP

2 New-computer Questions (XP Related)

Bootup Problems After Harddrive Upgrade

Found A Few "file Missing" Items

One Partition Or Multiple

Secondary Hard Drive Keeps Disappearing After Running Chkdsk

Hard Drive Failing?

Trouble Installing Win Xp Sp3 On Hitachi IDE Hard Drive

Computers Hard Drive Wrongly Stating It Is Nearly Full


New Hard Drive

Booting From A 2nd Hard Drive

HDD Light Staying On

D: Drive Skipping

Defective Storage Drive.

Space Missing?

Renaming Hard Drive

Installing Windows 7 On A New Wd 1tb Hard Drive

Managing 4Tb Drive

Hard Drive Bad Or Not?

Installing XP Home On An Additional HDD

I Want To Make Exact Copy Of C Drive On A New Drive

Boot Disk Will Not Find C

Hard Drive From Another Laptop

Cannot Get XP To Install Fully On My Hard Drive

Problem Trying To Format My Hard Drive (slave)

Trying To Read Documents Folder From Internal Drive Externally

External Hard Drive -PC / MAC

Max Hard Drive Space

Maxtor Hard Drive Issue

Bifurcate Hard Drive

Clone/mirror Win7 Pc To Another Win7 Pc

Hard Drive Files Invisible.

Lost Free Space

Can't See The C Drive In Disk Management


Hard Drive Disappeared Randomly

Replacement Of Seagte HDD W/Scorpio - Power Failure

How Do I Run Windows From External Hard Drive Enclosure?

Hard Drive Lag Extereme

Repost Per: CatByte Trojan:dos/alureon.e And SmartHDD Problem

Internet Slow Since I Got New Harddrive(basically Reformat)

XP Sees HDD In Device Manager

Please Help I Cant Install The Second Sata Hard Drive

Hard Disk Not Working

Harddrive Clicks?

Can I Just Plug My Old Hard Drive Into My New Motherboard Using My Win 7 OS?

Windows Wont Install On New Hard Drive. -- Help Needed --

HDD HARD ERROR! On A New Computer

CPU Won't Boot From HDD Or Windows 8 DVD!

Won't Let Me Format?!?

Unpartitioning A Hard Drive

XP MCE 2005 Sp2 Boot On Both Separate HDs

Using Xp And Adding Another Drive.

Why Partion HDD?

Win7 Problem? Virus? Hard Drive Fried?

Installing Hdd Probs

Tips On Reformatting And Partitioning Hard Drive

Xp On Very Large Hard Drive

My Hard Drive Disk Disappeared!

Organizing Video Files By Genre

Booting On New HD

Disk Drive And Sound Error

Going Crazy BSOD With Various Hard Drives That Work On Another Laptop And New RAM

Accidently Formatted. :(

New Hard Drive.

About To Take Hammer To PC HELP !

Secondary HDD Not Recognised After Change From Pro To Home

HD In My PC Is Running Constamtly.

HD Full.Windows File HUGE ?

Getting Data Off My System

Windows Load Problem With Multiple Hard Drives

Problems Installing A Second Sata Hard Drive

Reformatting Old C: Drive

Changing Hard Drive And Reinstalling W7?

Chosed Close [X] Just After HDD Format

HD Never Stops Spinning Causing Pc To Be Slow

New Hard Disk/Motherboard

Hard Drive Crashed

Rebuilt PC And Lost Loads Of Hard Drive Space!

No Hdd After Wipe

C Drive Shows Less Space Than Total Size Of All Files

Wiping Out Hard Drive

Long Hdd Light Mini Freeze Up

Drive Not Responding

1TB External Hard-drive Becomes 16gb

Recovering Data From Old XP Hardrive

Vista Running Hard


Windows Will Not Recognize My Hard Drive

XP Installation On A Formatted Hard Drive

Clean Vista Install Will Not Recognize My Sata Drive

Hard Drive Help!

Hard Drive Disappeared?

Running Slowly And Overactive Hard Drive

Problem Reformatting WinXP

New Harddrive?

Wiped Hard Drive

Partitioned Hard Drive

SATA Hard Drive Failure

File Permissions On Old Hard Drive

Better To Make More Partitions .?

Windows Setup Disk Cannot Find Harddrive

Im Losing Alot Of GBs All The Time

Where Is My Unaccounted For Memory?


Can Vista Read XP Files/folders From Second Hdd?

HDD Cloning Question

Missing Space In Windows 7

Hard Drive Issue

Getting Data From Hard Drive

I Cannt Explore Drives

Problem With XP Recognizing DVD & CD Drive In Master Slave

HDD Light

Boot WindowXP With External USB EIDE Notebook Hardisk

How Do I Install Files Backed Up To A Usb Drive

My Hard Drive Wont Format Cant Install Win7

Drive Spins Down On Starup

My Computer Freze: HDD Bad Block?

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